Google has added an awesome new feature to Google My Business!

I’ve put a video together this morning to let you know about this awesome new feature.

What it Means for Getting Reviews

So we all know getting reviews is something that’s really helpful for kind of building trust with potential clients and the best place to get those reviews is on Google. The only thing is the process can be a little bit messy. So you can either do like a screenshot of your GMB listing with an arrow pointing to the Grey Review button or you can share that along with a link which you can try to make it shorter with a URL shortener but neither of those things is particularly slick.

Well, Google has just come out with a cool new feature that’s gonna make it easier to share your actual listing. And that’s what we’re going to make it easier to kind of get reviews!

I made a video to tell you about it and to show you how to update your listing.

Please don’t keyword stuff this. That’s not the purpose. The idea is to make it so your actual business listing can have an easier to share link.  That’s going to be easier to share with people means that you can include it as part of your workflow to send a link to all of your clients. So if you use one of the awesome bits of software like I do and have Studio Ninja you can actually include this link in your workflow and it means that you’re sending the direct link to all of your clients and that’s going to hopefully help increase the number of reviews that you get.

screenshot of Google My Business

GMB Listing Update Warning

A word of caution: Please ensure your listing is fully compliant with the latest Google My Business guidelines before you make ANY changes!

Google has recently made changes in relation to service businesses. Having your address shown requires having clear signage outside of your studio or gallery. I’d recommend uploading photos that clearly show your studio space interior and exterior before making changes to your listing.

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