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You know it will help clients find you if you blog, but are you still

Unsure of how to Write a Blog That Will Perform Well?

Sound Familiar?

You don’t know if clients find you via your blog

Your website traffic is not improving

When you ask for help in FaceBook groups, you get confusing and conflicting information

You’ve not blogged in ages, because what’s the point?

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Then it’s time to join

Take Action!

You need guidance and support to help you create and optimize blogs in a way that will actually get traffic.

…and you know you probably need some software to help, but what you need is anyone’s guess.

In fact, the login for your website better be in your browser’s memory because you haven’t seen the back of that since spring!

And this blogging help needs to be affordable, right?


I’m Karen, and I’m an SEO consultant and coach with many years of experience working with photographers to help them be found on Google by their ideal client.  

I’m also a part-qualified teacher and I spend my weekdays coaching photographers on how they can use Google as a matchmaker so their ideal client can accidentally-on-purpose stumble over their website and (fingers crossed!) fall in love with their work.

Over the years I have tried and tested lots of different software solutions, and I have hand-picked a selection that keeps things as simple as possible, but balances simplicity with enough powerful information to help you increase the traffic on your website.

Portrait of Karen who specialises in SEO for wedding photographers

Welcome to

The Photography Blogging Lab

Learn how to write content that ranks

The photography blogging lab is a fusion of live group class training sessions and a training course that breaks down exactly how to write a blog that will rank and optimize existing content so that it will drive more traffic to your website.

This 10-week photography blogging program includes live Q&A sessions using Zoom, as well as access to state-of-the-art software that will make blogging both easier and more effective.

During the 10 weeks, you’ll have group coaching covering areas like blog strategy, keyword research, how to decide what keywords to use, how to write great titles, how to structure your blog so it performs well, and more.

If your blog has been sorely neglected, then this is for you!

Next Program Starts

October 4th 2022

Here’s What’s Included

Live Blog Coaching

Learn best practices and how to blog in a way that will build traffic in your niche.

Q&A Sessions

Ask blog-related questions and get answers in a group setting to help give you clarity.

Blog Writing SEO Assistant Tool

Access state-of-the-art SEO Agency software to help you write SEO-friendly blogs.

Blog Improver Tool

Have a blog that doesn’t rank? Give it the best chance of success with our data-driven SEO Tool.

How Much Time Will I Need to Invest?

Improve the R.O.I. on your time spent creating blogs

The best way to speed up the blog creation process is to have an overall content strategy that aligns with your business. We’ll be working on that in the first week.

Once that is in place, I find creating an awesome well-researched blog post takes me around 2-3 hours.

There’s a big difference between spending a morning or afternoon on a blog post that you’re not sure anyone will see, and a blog post that’s going to act as a matchmaker for finding your ideal client though, so I find that when clients learn how to blog properly, that time becomes more enjoyable, and is also more efficient. If you can only work on smaller chunks at a time, it can be broken down to a keyword research session, or a competitor analysis session, and that makes it easier to be efficient.

I recommend setting aside 5 hours per week for this challenge. 5 hours should be enough time to participate in coaching & Q&A sessions, and to also have time to create a new blog and optimize an existing blog. The SEO tools do speed things up, so you may find you need less time each week.

How Much Does it Cost?

Your investment will give your blogs the best chance of success.

Join by midnight GMT September 30th, 2022

The 10-week program starts October 4th, 2022

Blog Writing tool: Up to 15 pieces of content

Blog Improver tool: Up to 15 pieces of content

One-off payment

Max 20 places available


Got Questions?

Coaching & Q&A Schedule

Coaching & Q&A sessions will take place three times per week at times to fit both UK and USA.

Each weekday session will be approx 60 minutes, depending on the coaching on that particular day, and how many members have questions.

Support is Monday to Friday only.




8pm GMT

4pm Eastern Time

1pm Pacific Time


12noon GMT

7am Eastern Time

4am Pacific Time


8pm GMT

4pm Eastern Time

1pm Pacific Time





Behind the Scenes

Take a tour to find out what you can expect from the blogging tools


Your new favorite tool for blogging.


Wondering how to improve your published blogs? This audit will answer your questions!

Take the Next Step!

Join by midnight GMT September 30th, 2022

The 10-week program starts October 4th, 2022

Blog Writing tool: Up to 15 pieces of content

Blog Improver tool: Up to 15 pieces of content

One-off payment

Max 20 places available


Not quite ready for a blogging course at the moment?

The plan is to run The Photography Blogging Lab 3 times per year in spring, autumn/fall and winter.

Here are the future planned dates, along with planned rates for each cohort:

Future Programs

Autumn/Fall – starts October 4th 2022 – $400

Winter – starts January 3rd 2023 – $tbc

Spring – stars April 4th 2023 – $tbc

Autumn/Fall – starts October 3rd 2023 – $tbc

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