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SEO Business Name Change Service


An SEO service to help you with the technical steps that are required as part of your business name change.

Category: SEO Services

If you’re planning on changing your business name, it’s really important to tell Google to help your new site get off to the best start. You’ll also need to change as many backlinks pointing to your old site as possible.

Caution: It’s important to be aware to expect ranking fluctuations when changing domain name, especially in the first 4-6 weeks. Completing all the recommended steps should minimise this, but you may still experience a drop in rankings. Consistently marketing your new business across all channels will help minimise this, but there’s no guarantee you’ll return to the same position as before the change.

Project Features:

Step 1: Domain check. Your new domain will be checked for both history and backlinks. I recommend you choose a unique domain that will not have the same as any existing domain.

PRO TIP: I recommend not to choose a purely keyword domain. Whilst having relevant words is helpful, if you choose only keywords it makes it a real challenge to differentiate your brand from others, and you’re unlikely to rank for brand name searches.

Step 2:  Full crawl of the old website.

Step 3: Check Google Console access and data.

Step 4: Migration of website content (your designer or developer will complete this step)

Step 5: Once your new design is ready, I’ll check the new site maps to the old one.

Step 6: Server level redirects will be added to your old host company. You must keep these in place for a minimum of 6 months.

Step 7: Post launch checks – the redirects and new site will be tested to ensure everything is ready to tell Google.

Step 8: We’ll submit an address change form at Google to tell them about the change. We’ll need access to all related prop[erties in Google Search Console to monitor indexing of the new site.

Step 9: As many backlinks as possible will need changed to the new site. I’ll provide a list of these backlinks, but we don’t action the task of signing in and updating them all – this needs to be completed by the business.

Step 10: Progress review. We’ll review performance after 1 month to check changes are happening as expected. This will take place during a 30min video call.

Package Details:

  • Duration: 1 Month
  • Total SEO work time: Up to 4 hours
  • All work is completed in accordance with Google’s published best practice guidelines.
  • If you’re moving from Showit, please be aware they do NOT provide server access for server-side redirects, therefore I recommend you switch to WordPress self-hosted first, so that this important step can be properly implemented.


If you’d like to read more about changing your business name, check out the how to change domain name blog.

Read Google’s guide on how to move a site with URL changes.


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