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SEO Membership Program

From: $10.00 / month and a $300.00 sign-up fee

A flexible SEO Membership Program designed to improve your web traffic that adapts to you and your business

Category: SEO Services
Joining Fee Covers:
  • Set-up/Health of Check Google Analytics
  • + Google Search Console
  • + Google Business Profile
  • Full Website Audit

The above will be completed via two 90 minute SEO sessions that will take place using video call. (Zoom).

Monthly Features

SEO Basic Package
  • Facebook Group
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Group Coaching
  • Email support
  • Monthly Rolling Contract
  • (Cancel Anytime)
SEO Active Package

Includes everything above plus:

  • Monitoring Google Alerts
  • Blog Improver SEO Tool x2 Credits
  • Blog Writing SEO Tool x2 Credits


  • Weekly SEO Website Audit (As an alternative to the blogging tools)
SEO Grow Package

Includes everything above, but both the SEO audit tool AND Blog improver and Blog Writer tools are included


Everything above and the features of the SEO Pro package.

To receive all SEO Pro package features, you’d need to complete the full 24-hour program.

This can be complete with either:

  • A 90 minute SEO session every two weeks for 6 months at $300 per month.
  • A 90 minute SEO session every week for 3 months at $600 per month.

The anticipated cost of delivering the full SEO Pro package is $1,800. Messier and complex sites may require more time, simpler sites may require less time, so this is an approximate guide. You’re can downgrade to a lower level at any time, with the new membership level starting the following month. Upgrading again is subject to availability.

If you’d like to cancel fully, there’s no penalty for doing so, but you would no longer have access to the Facebook group, group coaching sessions, or email support, and your project files would be archived.




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