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SEO Pro Content Package

Category: SEO Services

This is a six-month package. The first three months follow the same track as the SEO Pro package, with the final three months being dedicated to content creation. We’ll work together closely on your articles and continue to meet and fine-tune content together. Articles can be blog posts or pillar content. The content can be applied to existing posts with thin text content, or new posts can be created. Whatever we decide is best, the content will be designed to drive traffic to your site and help you be found by more of your ideal client.

The SEO Pro Content package includes:

  • Thirty-six Hours of SEO
  • Twelve Months of Support & Monitoring
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Set-Up/Health Check of:
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Competitor Analysis Tool Installed
  • Keyword Research Tool Installed
  • Key Features:
  • Live Video Coaching
  • Strategy Consultation
  • Keyword Research
  • Website & Homepage Optimised
  • Blog Coaching
  • Pro Features
  • Site Speed Optimisation
  • Website Structure Audit
  • Blog Content Audit
  • Schema Pro plug-in
  • iThemes Security Pro plug-in
  • Link Building Coaching
  • Six Backlinks Built
  • Twelve Blog Posts Optimised
  • Twelve Google Business Posts
  • Twelve Blogs Created & Optimised


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