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Website SEO Audit for Wedding Photographers

Category: 'Done With You' SEO Services, Audit Service, SEO Services

Our new Website SEO Audit Package is designed especially for wedding photographers

Key Features:

  • Technical website audit
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console health check
  • 3 Hour video coaching call
  • Includes technical SEO work (will be completed live on your coaching call)
  • Full blog content audit
  • Keyword research for up to 5 wedding venues
  • Coaching during your call on blog title best practice
  • Competitor analysis on up to 5 competitors
  • Premium Schema Pro plug-in that adds structured data* to your website (worth $249)
  • Premium Shortpixel plug-in to optimise your entire WordPress media library and speed up you’re website (worth approx $19.99 – exact value varies depending on image volume)


  • The technical SEO work will be done live on a video call so that you can learn best practice.
  • You can book the call online at a time that suits you.
  • Access to Google Analytics & Google Search Console will need to be set up prior to the technical SEO session. Book in for a 30min video call at least 72hrs before your 3-hour session so that this can be completed.


This is a one-day package, so there won’t be a follow-up or ongoing monitoring of performance.


  • You’ll receive the recorded coaching call of the live website SEO audit session via a link.
  • You’ll receive a link to a Google Drive spreadsheet showing your keyword research data and your site audit, along with an action plan on next steps.


  • To qualify for this package, you’ll need to have Google Analytics and Google Search Console already set-up.
  • Your site will need to comply with the basics for our standard pathway. (e.g. Php7, an up-to-date theme, full admin access to your website and no crazy brokenness).

*Structured data types include article schema and exclude review and faq schema.

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