SEO Kickstart Package

Want to know more about the SEO Kickstart Package? On this page, we explain exactly how everything works.

Month Duration
Total Package Hours
2 Hour Coaching Calls
Months of Website Monitoring

Before the Project Starts

After you’ve purchased your SEO Kickstart package in the shop, we’ll set your project up and send you the details for your project portal.

There will be 3 questionnaires to complete: one about your general marketing aims, one about your website info, and a competitor analysis questionnaire.

These will all need to be completed at least 3 days before our first video coaching call so that we have time to do some in-depth research and collect data.

During this time, we’ll do a full SEO audit on your website.

Every package is unique, so we don’t have a cookie-cutter approach, but there is a basic structure. If you need more of some features than others, we switch things out to make the package a perfect fit for you.

We recommend four two-hour coaching calls, but if that doesn’t fit your schedule, you could book two calls per week at a one-hour duration for each.

Here’s what your coaching calls will look like:

Coaching Call One

During your first video coaching call, you’ll be guided to Google Search Console and Google Analytics and we’ll check these are tracking your data correctly. If you don’t have these already, don’t worry! We’ll get them set up together.

I’ll explain how to use both of these awesome bits of software in a tutorial.

On this call, I will help you install a keyword research plugin ($10 per 100k keywords) and demonstrate how to use it. This tool will help when you are researching what to blog in future. I’ll also help you install a competitor analysis tool so that you can see more information about your competitors.

After Your Project Ends

Even though the SEO Kickstart project is delivered in one month, we monitor it for 12 months to make sure you see an improvement in impressions, clicks, and ranking position.

After the contents of the project are delivered, it will be really important for you to continue working on your website. If you have less than 50 blog posts, this will mainly be content creation. If you have lots of blog posts and duplicate content, then this would look more like consolidating and editing existing content and using our optimisation tools to improve things.

This is all quite a time consuming process, and so we recommend you spend a minimum of two hours per week working on your website SEO, in addition to another two hours per week on link building activities (if necessary – we’ll be able to advise).

We Recommend You:

Spend 2 Hours per Week Working on Your Website
Spend 2 Hours per Week Working on Link Building Activities
Keep This up For at Least 6 Months

Check Your Audit Reports Weekly

Check Google Search Console Weekly

Check Google Analytics Weekly

Facebook VIP Group

All of our clients are in one friendly Facebook group where you can ask questions, keep up-to-date with any announcements.

I’ve been testing out quarterly challenges recently, and these have been popular, so we’ll be launching these officially in January 2020.

Membership to the Facebook group is a lifetime membership. Once you’re in, you’re welcome to stay.

Ongoing Support

Group Challenges

Photo SEO Lab Academy

After the one month of work has been completed on your project, you’ll have access to a couple of SEO mini-courses. Access to these is on a lifetime basis and does not expire.

The Photo SEO Lab Academy features a mini-course on link building, in addition to an SEO Audit course with tutorials to help you understand your weekly SEO audit reports.

Link Building Mini Course

SEO Audit Mini Course

Ready to Sign up?

Head over to the shop to purchase, then go ahead and book your coaching calls in. It’s totally fine to book them all in one go.