SEO for Web Designers

It’s so important when building a site that the ability for that site to rank is front and centre of the design.

Whether that’s through basic page element labels or utilising correct technology (JavaScript fans: I’m talking to you!) designing a site that can easily be understood by search engine bots is more important than ever.

Latest Google Best Practice Guidelines

Are you implementing the latest Google best practice guidelines on your website designs?

How Fast are Your Websites?

Check out our list of speed check tools with our tutorials on how to improve your image load time

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Calling Web designers!

We work with web designers to ensure your clients benefit from the latest SEO best practices and use our full suite of SEO software to analyse and audit your client’s websites.

Our Mission

We want your clients to have gorgeous websites that can be easily found online. We love working with designers to both educate and to analyse. Our mission is that all designers should have well-optimised designs.

Our Vision

We imagine a world where we can focus on SEO, rather than making changes to design at the start of an SEO project. Our vision is that your designs will stay as you always intended, as they’ll be designed with SEO in mind.

Our Process

We offer a range of flexible services to designers, from consultancy to template checks and pre-launch SEO audits. We love chatting face to face over a coffee. With an international client base, video chat is our go-to!

What we believe!


There’s more than one way to solve a problem! We love conjuring up creative solutions to balance beautiful design, great UX, and of course, great SEO!


We’re straight-talking! We tell it like it is. We only practice white-hat and Google-friendly SEO in accordance with Google best practise guidelines.


We use video chat to communicate with our clients, whether live of via a recorded tutorial that answers a question or shows work completed. We also love group chat if we’re working with you and your clients.

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