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A FREE search engine optimization course for Showit users.

In this FREE Showit SEO mini course, I have created a set of tutorials with helpful tips that show you how to set up your Showit site so you you can get found online in search engines by your ideal clients, and also be able to track the data from your site traffic.

I have also added a couple of SEO tutorials that show how to make your Showit website multilingual, so that you can get found by the right clients, in the right language in countries that you are targeting.

As a Showit SEO specialist, I really love working with improving SEO ranking, and subsequently traffic for clients with Showit websites, so if you would like assistance to improve your SEO on your Showit website, I’d love to help! Feel free to book a discovery call for a chat, or shoot me a message using the button below.

Tutorial 1

How to Optimise Your Showit Home page for SEO

In this tutorial we’re going to be walking through optimizing a new Showit homepage step-by-step, to make it easier for search engines to understand your website. So when you get a brand-new design template chances are is not going to be optimized from an SEO point of view. So there’s various different options with the SEO settings. There’s all the text labels on the page, the SEO titles, and the meta descriptions. There is the performance in terms of speed and there’s a best practice guidelines and accessibility.

Tutorial 2

Foundational SEO on Your Showit Home Page

In this tutorial, we’re going to look at some of the foundational Showit SEO settings. I’m going to show you how to add things like SEO title and SEO meta description first and then we’re going to talk a little bit about SEO strategy.

Tip 1: There’s no need to add anything to the meta keywords box.

Tip 2: You have up to 60 characters for your SEO title

Tutorial 3

Advanced Tutorial: Add Structured Data to Your Showit Home Page

This is an advanced SEO tutorial. In this tutorial. We’re going to be talking about structured data we’re not going to delve into what structured data is. That’s definitely a subject for a separate tutorial.

What I am going to do is show you how to see what structured data your competitors are using and also how to add the code to your own site. I’m going to be adding code to my own Showit site in this tutorial and it’s going to be the same code that you are adding. Follow along with this, we’re going to be working on the exact same schema.

Tutorial 4

How to Set-up Google Analytics With Showit

In this tutorial, I show you how to add the universal tracking code to your Showit website. This will enable you to track your SEO performance and see which pages are doing well, and which ones need some improvement.

Tutorial 5

How to Connect Google Search Console to Your Showit Website

In this Showit SEO tutorial, I show you how to set up Google Search Console. This is an awesome and FREE SEO tool provided by Google, and it will show you data on what each of your pages rank for, in addition to showing you your average rank position.

Tutorial 6

Showit Blog Set-up: Learn the Best WordPress Settings for SEO

What are the best WordPress settings for your Showit website? The SEO settings on each blog post are more than just titles and meta descriptions. In this tutorial, I share some optimal settings to help get your gorgeous new website off to the best start. Each of your blogs will need SEO titles and meta descriptions, in addition to each blog post being optimized in a way that aligns with Google’s best practice guidelines.

Caution: This tutorial is for new websites. Changing settings on established sites can negatively impact rankings, so please check performance first.

Tutorial 7

What Plugins Should I have on my Showit Website?

Let’s talk plugins! When it comes to plugins, less is definitely more! What ones are the most useful though? In this tutorial, I share my thoughts on what plugins will be best for your Showit website.

Tutorial 8

How to Make Your Showit Website Multilingual

If you would like to rank on the Google search results page in multiple countries and languages with your Showit website, the good news is that this is possible! In this tutorial, I show you how to make your Showit website multilingual.

Tutorial 9

How to Make Your Showit Blog Multilingual

The approach for making your WordPress blog multilingual is a little different than on the Showit pages. In this tutorial, I show you how to do this using the WPML plugin, so that you can be found in different countries and in your target clients language.

Tutorial 10

How to Check Performance and Accessibility on Your Showit Website

Ensuring your website is accessible for everyone and also performs well is really important. In this tutorial, I show you how to use tools that will help you discover the performance (Core Web Vitals) and accessibility of your Showit website.

Update: Since recording this video, Showit have added the option of country targeting, which is an awesome feature addition. Yay! 🥳

Showit SEO FAQs

Is Showit any good for SEO?

The most important ranking factors in SEO are relevant and great quality content, and backlinks that build trust signals. Google does not favor one platform over another.

How long does it take to get to page 1?

How quickly you can rank will depend on a wide range of factors which include website age, your content strategy, the quality and relevance of your content, the volume of your content, the quality and volume of backlinks in relation to your competitors, and how competitive your niche is. Due to the high number of variables, it’s not possible to predict exact timescales.

Is it possible for my Showit website to rank well without a blog?

I believe a blog is an essential element in the marketing of your business. It will help with driving more traffic for a wide range of terms, as well as help with increasing brand awareness on social media. Blog content enables you to create content relevant for your potential clients at different points in their buying journey. It’s also great for showing your expertise, or for educating your clients.

Showit SEO Packages

I have 3 different SEO packages that are all geared towards helping you get more traffic on your Showit website, and therefore getting the best posible resturn on your investment with me.

Each option can either be delivered in a ‘done-with-you‘ coaching style, which we work together live (I do the complicated stuff, whilst you learn as I talk through each change), or, if you’re busy, the package can be delivered on a ‘done-for-you‘ basis where I crack on with doing whatever SEO work needs to be done, and you can instead do things that are more fun than SEO, like, say, photography.

SEO Pro Package

This comprehensive SEO package features everything you need to get your website performing as best as possible, even in really competitive areas. This package feature 20 hours of SEO work, and is 12 months in duration to ensure we get you the best possible return on your investment. After the initial work is completed, we’ll meet monthly to assess performance and look for new opportunities, to ensure your traffic continues to grow.

SEO Kickstart

The Kickstart SEO package is for brand new websites, and is designed to get your fledgling new website off to the best possible start. This package includes creation of a 12 month blogging plan, and coaching on how to blog in future. After this package, you can move on to our monthly membership which starts at $25 per month to help keep you on the right track to hit your future goals. The Kickstart package includes 10 hours of SEO work.


This will be a good fit for you if you just need a bit of light optimisation work, or need help with a particular aspect of SEO, like setting up conversion tracking, or optimizing a selection of blog posts. The time can be used for coaching and or things like keyword research and competitor analysis. This package includes 6 hours of SEO work.

Course Tutor

Hey! I’m Karen! I’m a wedding photographer and SEO consultant, specializing in coaching other photographers to help their businesses get found online.

I usually work live on video calls with clients, that way I can optimize the technical stuff whilst photographers learn about how Google works, and how they can use algorithms as an awesome match maker, rather than being an obstruction. I’ve been able to help lots of clients grow their traffic, and I’d love to help you too!

I hope you find the tutorials that I’ve put together useful. Enjoy!

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