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SEO Pro Package

Category: SEO Services
  • Twenty Four Hours of SEO
  • Twelve Coaching Calls (we will work on your website together)
  • Twelve Months of Support & Monitoring
  • Facebook Support Group

Set-Up/Health Check of:

  • Google Search Console & Analytics
  • Google My Business Optimisation
  • Competitor Analysis Tool Installed
  • Keyword Research Tool Installed

Key Features:

  • Live Video Coaching
  • Strategy Consultation
  • Keyword Research
  • Website & Homepage Optimised
  • Site Speed Optimisation
  • Blog Coaching

Pro Features

  • Website Structure Audit
  • Blog Content Audit
  • Premium Schema Pro plug-in that adds structured data* to your website (worth $249)
  • Premium iThemes Security Pro Security Plugin which will enhance the security of your WordPress site. (worth $80)
  • Link Building Coaching
  • Six Backlinks Built
  • Twelve Pieces of Content Optimised (A mix of blog posts, landing pages and home page)
  • Twelve Google Business Posts
  • Unlimited On-Demand Content Audits


  • You’ll receive the recorded coaching calls of the live website SEO sessions via a link.
  • You’ll receive a link to a Google Drive spreadsheet showing your keyword research data and your site audit, along with an action plan.


  • Your site will need to comply with the basics of our standard pathway. (e.g. Php7, an up-to-date theme, full admin access to your website and no crazy brokenness).
  • If it does not comply, please book a demo call first. We’ll likely still be able to help you out of whatever hellishly complicated situation you’re in, but we tend to quote for that separately, then start your package when everything is where it needs to be. We’re used to untangling messy website situations and can project manage your website drama to a place of stress-free functional peacefulness. To give us your website backstory, book in for a demo call.

*Structured data types include article and faq schema and exclude review schema.

Project Progress

We’ll meet once per week for 90 minutes for the first three months.


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