SEO Prices

There are two distinct parts to SEO optimisation; The initial research, strategy and technical implementation on the website, and recurring monthly SEO that is more focussed on areas like ongoing keyword research for blogging, competitor analysis, content gap analysis and link building.

We offer one SEO package for each of these areas that is personalised to you.

We also offer a few different smaller services in our shop covering areas like site audits, Google tools set-up, and speed optimisation. These are available via our hourly SEO sitework option.

Our Signature SEO Package

We offer one fully-featured package designed around your needs to help you get the best possible results. Google’s official advice is that it takes between 4-12 months to see the impact of SEO work, so our pro package runs for a full 12 months.

We complete 85% of the work as soon as possible though. You are in control of when work is completed as you can book your coaching calls anytime in our online appointment scheduler. Want to get everything done in a week? Go ahead and book in your calls. Let’s get it done, and start getting you results! Prefer to spread it out? That’s fine too. You’re in control of the pace.

Payments can be spread out or paid in full in a range of currencies over in the shop. Delivery of the project is aligned with the payment plan.

SEO Service Capacity and Client Experience

We are a boutique-style SEO agency. This means that whilst we have specialist SEO contractors who will undertake research and data consolidation, you’ll be working directly with Karen.

To provide the best possible levels of service we have a limited amount of space for clients, with a maximum of 36 spaces available per year. At peak times of the year, we often have a 2-3 week wait time. We start the research and site analysis process as soon as you’re booked in.

Check out the online appointments page to see our latest availability.

SEO Pro Package Capacity


**Fully Booked**

SEO Pro Package100%


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