SEO Kickstart Package


Designed for new websites that have no blog, or a small (handful of posts) blog, the features in this package will ensure your website is all set up correctly to get things off to a great start, with guidance for you to plan future content.

The SEO Kickstart package is designed for new/small websites, with the aim being to get great SEO foundations in place along with a blogging framework so you know what content to create, and can learn how to research and undertake competitor analysis yourself.

This is a one-month package, so we’ll meet once per week and have your website optimised and ready to perform in just a month. (Performance is monitored for 6 months from the start date)

It includes:

  • Ten Hours of SEO
  • Six Months of Support & Monitoring
  • Support Group
  • Set-Up/Health Check of:
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Business Profile
  • Competitor Analysis Tool Installed
  • Keyword Research Tool Installed
  • Key Features:
  • Live Video Coaching (We’ll have six coaching calls in total)
  • Strategy Consultation
  • Keyword Research
  • Website & Homepage Optimised
  • Blog Coaching
  • Kickstart Features
  • Creation of Blogging Plan

We’ll complete the project together on live coaching calls.

Here’s the Kickstart schedule:

Coaching call 1 (1.5hr duration): Setup/Health check of Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Google Business Profile

Coaching call 2 (1.5hr duration): Strategy, competitor analysis & keyword research

Coaching call 3 (1.5hr duration): Website core settings optimized & Performance optimized

Coaching call 4 (1.5hr duration): Homepage optimized

Coaching call 5 (1hr duration): Blog coaching

SEO session 1 (3hr duration): Blog content plan created


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