What You Need to Get Started

I often work with clients who’s sites have all sorts of complex issues. As part of the consultancy service we offer, we can help you navigate these situations with the final aim being a well performing and well optimised website that has the ability to rank well and generate income for you.

Below, you’ll find some minimum requirements for us to start SEO work on your project. Please don’t worry if you don’t meet those requirements right now – we can help get you there – but your pathway will be different to a client who starts with us with all of these things in place.

We can act as project manager on your hot mess of a website situation, which can involve sign-posting you to web developers or designers where required. We will be your ally with your hosting company, and can speak with them on your behalf. We can liaise with developers when you’re unfamiliar with the technical lingo to get things fixed.


You’ll need to be on PhP 7 as a minimum. It’s significantly faster than 5.6, and many of the latest themes or plugins are becoming no longer compatible with older versions.

Administrator Access

You’ll need to have full administrator access to your site and be able to add additional users (Us!). Without this, we can’t optimise your website.

Image Optimisation

WordPress users can help us by installing the Shortpixel plugin before the start of a project. We will switch you to our API and losslessly optimize all of your images, making your whole website faster.

Custom Themes

Whilst we specialise in technical SEO, we do not work with custom themes that require code level updates. If this is your situation, we would recommend your designer apply our recommended changes.

Functioning Design

To start working on your SEO, we need your website to be functioning properly and up-to-date. It will need to be a responsive design, and you should have an SSL cert. installed (https) before the start of your project.


We don’t provide custom coding solutions for web design or web development, but we know a bunch of talented people who can. We can be your fixer. Specialist services like these are an additional charge.

Project Pathways

If you’re staying on the same platform and have an up-to-date and fully functional theme, your progress will be simpler and faster. We’ll get stuck into the SEO and get your site optimised as fast as we can.

If this isn’t you, and you’re currently in a situation where you don’t rank, and there’s all sorts of messy stuff going on, we’re gonna put you in our ‘it’s complicated‘ pathway and walk you through unpicking whatever mess you’re in to get you to where you need to be. Understandable, this often takes longer, and will require more input and a larger time commitment from you. Whether you hire an expert for a new website design, or do it yourself on our walk-through service, we’ll be there to keep you on track and support you when you need it.

We have a couple of extra product options for this pathway, and can connect you to experts if required.

Standard Pathway

This part is completed first, regardless of your situation! we want to have as full a picture of where you’re at as possible.

‘It’s Complicated’ Pathway

This part is completed first, regardless of your situation! we want to have as full a picture of where you’re at as possible.

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