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SEO work is booked by the hour & you can book 1hr or multiples for more extensive work. Please book in for a demo call with me first so I can advise how long it will take to complete the SEO work.

A power hour session can be used for a number of different SEO issues. It may involve fixing a structural problem, a technical site glitch, or something else!

Hours can be purchased in multiples. Book in for a quick demo chat first (FREE). This will enable me to get an understanding of the issue and can quote you how many hours I think the work will take.

If you’re a brand new client, I’ll typically need to spend some time on research and analysis first, so if we’ve not worked together before, please book a minimum of two hours.

2 reviews for SEO Power Hour


    Karen helped me with some bits on my website and she was great! Super helpful, totally knows her stuff and recommend her 100%.

  2. Sarah Wright (verified owner)

    Karen has gone above and beyond helping me tidy up bits on my website in an ongoing process. I previously did a course of hers, and the opportunity to purchase single hour blocks of her time to go through tweaks individual to my site is worth it’s weight in gold. I’ve learnt loads already, and Karen is not only generous with her knowledge but SIMPLE with it too – she’s been explaining everything in basic payments terms as she fully understands idiots like me are not going to understand technical jargon!

    Highly recommended if you are a previous client of Karen’s and need ad-hoc help.

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