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The WordPress Template Website package is designed for photographers who either have an old, outdated WordPress websites that need a fresh new look or are moving from platforms like Pixieset, Wix or Squarespace, and looking to have a new WordPress website that can be quickly set up and ready to perform well in search results.

All WordPress Template Website Packages include important SEO foundations, so your project will start with an assessment of how your site is currently performing, and a full health check on Google tools. If you don’t have Google tools set up already, we’ll do it together so that you can learn how to use them.

This is a one month package, so we’ll be aiming to have your gorgeous new SEO-optimised template site revamped and launched and ready to perform in just a month.

Template Website Project Includes

Set-Up/Health Check of:

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Key Features:

Live Video Coaching (We’ll have five coaching calls in total)

Strategy Consultation

Keyword Research

Website & Homepage Optimised

Blog Coaching


Use of the Divi agency licence (worth $249)

Content distribution plugin (12months duration, worth $149)

iThemes Security Pro (12 month duration, worth $99)

Your chosen Divi theme template (price varies )

The WordPress Template Website will be partly completed together on live coaching calls.

Premium Templates (Additional Cost)

Stylecloud Templates can be purchased separately using link:


Here’s the Template Website schedule:

Coaching call 1 (90min duration): Setup/Health check of Google Analytics & Google Search Console.

Coaching call 2 (90min duration): Strategy, competitor analysis & keyword research

Coaching call 3 (90min duration): Photo preparation coaching session: Learn how to get your images to perform well in search results. You’ll need all of the website images ready and optimised before build day, this call will ensure you know how to prepare them.

Coaching call 4 (Approx 3hr  duration): This is our website build day. Your staging site will be ready with all core settings optimised for the start of this call. You’ll get a guided tour and coaching on these settings, before we work on perfecting your home page together and core pages. We’ll aim to complete the whole thing in a morning or afternoon.

NOTE: If your blog is with Squarespace, the post text will be migrated over for you, but the photos will need to be uploaded to WordPress manually. If your blog is with Wix, Pixieset or Zenfolio then unfortunately it will need manually copied over and this would be a task for you to complete. When moving from any non-WordPress platform, all photos will need to be manually re-added. This will be a task for you to complete. Guidance will be given on the process for this so that you know how to complete the task.

Coaching call 5 (90min duration): Launch day! You may need extra time to fine-tune text or add more blogs after our previous session. This call is about making your gorgeous new website live. On this call, we’ll submit your new sitemap to Google, and you’ll have an opportunity to ask any questions about your new website.



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